Hyrdo Island: Jay's Water Model Park - Painesville, Ohio - Opened Holiday 2008, Operating

Hydro Island is America’s largest known model water park. The park opened in 2008 on a 1’x6" footprint made of a fountain purchased at a New Hampshire flea market. Slowly over the past few years, the park has expanded; once in 2010 and a second time in 2012. Today, the park features 3 themed areas: Hydro Isle, the original model of the park; Diamond Bay, featuring the world's only known operating model wave pool; and Paradise Landing, featuring several new colorful body slides on a second model fountain & a hot tub. Hydro Island currently has 16 operating attractions & service stands including 8 water slides. Hydro Island is HO Scale and is now 5 square feet.

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Legacy Ledge: Model Amusement Park - Tampa, Florida

- Opened Summer 2014, Closed Spring 2015

Legacy Ledge was a luxury amusement park concept built in 2014.  Upon opening, the park included 5 operating roller coasters.  2 of the 5 roller coasters were built exclusive for this park model.  When the park opened it had 21 rides and attractions.  Most of these attractions came from previous park models.  Several of the attractions were re-named and themed specifically for this model amusement park.  In Fall 2014, 6 area themes were added to the park with intent to turn the model into a theme park.  Themed areas include: Excursion Land, Alpine Heights, Morley Village, District 360, Festival Square, and Western Edge.  Legacy Ledge featured two levels of land; the main level included 6 of its eventual 8 operating roller coasters and 5 themed areas.  The second level was built on 5 square feet and was a themed area of its own.  Guests were able to travel to the 'ledge' of the park (second level) via elevator that was been built into the columns which held the second level up.

Legacy Ledge closed with a total of 34 operating rides and attractions.  Besides the second level, what set this model park apart from other JEC MODEL'S is that 30% of the park was human interactive.  Also 65% of the park was operational while 35% remained static.  Most of the static attractions were retail or food stands.  The park had 8 operating roller coasters: Dueling Racing Wild Mouse, Inverted Looping Coaster, Dive Coaster, Spring Launched Shuttle Coaster, Looping Family Coaster, Launched Suspended Wing Coaster, Electric Launched Shuttle Coaster, and a 4D Freestyle Coaster.  The park was built on 47 square feet, 5 square feet was on the second level. 

X-Cite Ledge: Jay's Model Amusement Park - Colorado Springs, Colorado

- Opened Summer 2013, Closed Holiday 2013

X-Cite Ledge is a new park concept originally slated to open in 2012. The park officially opened in Summer, 2013 with 8 rides and attractions. X-Cite Ledge hosted a total of 10 rides and attractions, including 3 roller coasters prior to closing: 5th Dimension Coaster, Wild Cat Family Coaster, and a Electric Launched Shuttle Coaster.  The park was built on 18 square-feet of land.

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 Ultima S-Cape: Jay's Model Theme Park - Cleveland Heights, Ohio

- Opened Fall 2006, Closed Fall 2011

Ultima S-Cape is one of the world’s largest operating model theme parks. The park debuted in 2006 and quickly expanded to 58 square feet by 2010. Ultima S-Cape is divided into 9 different themed areas. With 53 rides and attractions including 8 roller coasters, the park is certain to have something for every family member. Though the park does mix O and HO scales, Ultima S-Cape is considered to be S-Scale. Currently the park is closed and dismantled until further notice due to the re-location of its owner.

Roller Coaster Styles:  5th Dimension Coaster, Inverted Looping Coaster, Tin Wild Mouse Coaster, Wood Family Coaster, Spring Launched Shuttle Coaster, Fly-Wheel Launched Flying Coaster, Hyper Non-Looping Coaster, and a Wild Cat Family Coaster.

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AJ's Model Amusement Park - Concord, Ohio

- Opened Holiday 2001, Closed Spring 2003

AJ’s Model Amusement Park is the original JEC MODELS model park project. It was made entirely of K’nex and paper signs. The park featured 6 rides and attractions. This model’s signature attraction was the world’s first known model flying roller coaster, “Flight of Tiamat.” Built in 2 different sections, AJ’s Model Amusement Park also featured a state of the art (at the time) wooden draw bridge. This created a total of 72 square feet for the model park. Due to grandma requests, the park was dismantled to make room for a basement remodeling.

Roller Coaster Styles: Flying Roller Coaster

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 Western Reserve Model Amusement Park -  Mentor, Ohio

- Opened Spring 2004, Closed Fall 2011

The Western Reserve Railroad Museum hired JEC MODELS to help upgrade their existing model amusement park in late 2010. The plan was to add several new larger attractions over a 3-year period, beginning with an upgrade of “Scorpion,” the park’s original signature roller coaster. The park would then add 2 new roller coasters; 1 in late 2010 and the other in 2011, and grow to a size of 32 square feet large, featuring 20 rides and attractions including 4 roller coasters. JEC MODELS constructed “The Big Red Coaster,” a model mega-twister coaster, in mid-2011. Unfortunately, the ride was never 100% completed before the museum was forced to closed its doors indefinitely August 9, 2011. This forced the model amusement park to close as well.

Roller Coaster Styles: Hyper Looping Coaster, Inverted Looping Coaster, Wild Mouse Coaster, and a Multi-lift Mouse Coaster.

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